Best for Global Goals Reporting

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    The category for Best for Global Goals Reporting is awarded to a tourism organisation that leverages tourism to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and then transparently reports on the impacts. Wilderness Safaris set the bar extremely high in 2018, the year this category was introduced, and hence there is no gold winner.

  • Silver: Two Oceans Aquarium (South Africa)

    The Two Oceans Aquarium does not over-state its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. The identified SDGs - Quality Education, Responsible Consumption and Life Below Water – are directly related the organisation’s core business and sphere of influence. There is clear, credible evidence of the alignment between the company’s efforts and the relevant SDGs and specific targets. Actual performance is either transparently reported in an annual sustainability report, or where data against a target is not available, a commitment to the necessary research is in place. By identifying only relevant SDGs and detailing how the business is working to contribute to them, the Two Oceans Aquarium sets a pragmatic and replicable approach to reporting against the SDGs.